CITY OF HELSINKI: City Hall Lobby Makeover 2019 - LUCID HELSINKI


City Hall Lobby Makeover 2019

Lucid Helsinki
Anna Salmi
Jesse Myllymäki
Aleksi Mustonen

The Helsinki City Hall’s lobby was in a dire need of a renewal. To be honest, it was pretty lame. The new plan was to make the lobby a common public space that brings city personnel, visitors and locals together in meetings, info sessions and discussion panels. Equally important was to showcase the new developments the city is constantly undergoing.

Our task was to design the look and contents on a digital media wall that spans the entire width of the lobby area. And not just any kind of wall, this baby is over 11 meters long and on the other side of it jam-packed with neat info derived entirely out of the open data the city provides for everyone. It’s called The Future Corridor, and it was designed together with the artist Aleksi Mustonen. And that’s not all. For the surface on the other side, we contacted a number of badass artists to design an animation. Each section on the animation displayed on the wall portrays different data points of the people of Helsinki.

To conclude, the writing’s on the wall: today’s Helsinki City Hall is probably one of the coolest ones in the world.